TELEX Airman 8+

As Telex partner, we are pleased to announce the newest member of the Airman-series: The Airman 8+, Battery Free, Active Noise Reduction aviation headset for Commercial, Regional and Business turbine powered aircrafts.

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  • Deluxe headset for commercial and business aviation communications
  • Ultra-lightweight design with new features for enhanced comfort and ease of use
  • Excellent Active Noise Reduction (ANR) performance with eco-friendly battery-free operation

Telex is pleased to introduce the latest member of the world’s most successful professional aviation headset family: The Airman 8+. The trusted choice of commercial, reginal and business aviation pilots everywhere, Airman models are designed to provide an optimal combination of lightweight comfort, compact form factor and superior sound quality for turbine aircraft cockpit communications – all enabling the user to focus on flying. The Airman 8+ evolves this concept with refined design elements and a range of new features that make it the best-performing Telex Airman Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headset to date. 



The Airman 8+ is easy to wear, even on the longest flights. Though its small size and on-the-ear design keep its weight ultra-low at just 125 grams, comfort, fit and stability have been upgraded via larger ear cushions, inwardly angled glider arms and earcup rotation stabilization. Larger ear cushions also improve the acoustic seal for better passive noise reduction. The headband and dual-axis pivot points are stainless steel for increased durability, and users can choose between large or small headband pads in soft leatherette (both included) according to personal preference. The flexible boom-mounted microphone may be positioned on the left or right side, without detaching from the headset. Clear voice transmission is ensured via a high-quality amplified electret microphone capsule with noise cancellation.



Adding to the overall efficiency of its design, the Airman 8+ requires no batteries for ANR – reducing waste and operating costs – yet it achieves comparable results to leading battery-powered ANR headsets for commercial and business aviation. Both the dual PJ and single XLR5 connector versions rely solely on the cockpit power supply via the microphone bias power. ANR helps to significantly reduce pilot fatigue and improve audio intelligibility for in-flight communications; Airman 8+ ANR is specifically tuned to reduce intrusive higher frequency wind noise in the turbine cockpit, as well as noise from avionics cooling fans. An acoustic limiter protects against sudden increases in sound level, and an onboard fail-safe ensures constant communication. A deluxe carrying case is included, equipped with a foam center cushion for structural support and cable management.


The Airman 8+ is FAA TSO-C139a approved, EASA compliant, and meets RTCA DO-160G and DO-214A standards.



  • EASA
  • FAA TSO C139a

600 Ω ±20% @ 1 kHz

Connectors available:

  • Dual PJ
  • XLR (5-pin male)

Black and Stainless Steel


  • 125g (no cord)
  • 190g (w/dual plug)
  • 192g (w/XLR plug)

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